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P31.25 Transparent Sticky Film

Transparent sticky film screen is Gamin's lastest invention that break out the traditional LED screen, high transparent rate, slim and light weight,easy to curve,automatical attachment, and casual cutting are the unique advantage.

    Cooperated with the advanced company in Japan, Korea and Taiwan and so on in the field of LED, TP, and OLED, and intergrated with the most advanced anti UV transparent material technology, lowest resisting transparent electronic circuit technology, oversize and accuracy press-in technology, low power assumption and high brightness technology, and military power supply, Gamin develops series of transparent sticky film screen.

    The transparent sticky film screen is mainly applied to glass video wall, shopping mall, 4S store where the high transpareny rate and the image showing both is necessary.

    With the lighting and nigh tour growing up, and the outdoor video restricted by government, with the characteristic of slim body, light weight, indoor installation with outdoor showing, high power efficiency, and easy fast installation, Gamin's transparent sticky film screen is recognized in the lighting and display field. 

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Nowadays the electronics change the way of our daily life, getting rid of standard process and traditional mindsets, human beens tend to innovate, one of a kind structure attract the eye, driven by your imaginstion and our technology, Gamin's creative transparent sticky film screen will enhance architecture, spatial, environmental and advertisement design, offering sensory-centric functionality that emphasizes and redefines the appearance of any building or structure.With the capability to transform almost any indoor or outdoor glass surface—windows, domes, ceilings, floors, corners, angles, and more—into a digital facade, industry leading Gamin creates unparalleled LED product that ignite your imagination and inspire.

The main advantage:
(1) high transparent rate
Getting rid of spider net, the transparent acrylic (PC) board is printed with invisibility electronic circuit,the LED screen have not PCB any more, except LED lamps, the whole board is transparent, the transparency rate is 98%, which will not affect the daily lighting.
(2) ultra slim body
the electronic circuit is embaded in the acrylic (PC material ) board that is 1.3mm thickness.
(3) super light weight
the unit panel (500x500mm) plus driving board weight 0.48 kgs, so one square meter weight less than 2 kgs;
(4) curve
1.3mm thickness acrylic board can be curved, it can be attached on some arch surface;
(5) auto attachment
After tear down the protection peel, the panel can be attached on the clean glass surface, automatically attach, do not need any other support structure, which can save much installation cost;
(6) support random cutting
According to fit the application space, the size of the panel can be cutted, do not customized, without space restrict.
(7) anti ultra-violet(UV) transparent material
the panel can be exposed in the UV ray for a long time without color fading and going yellow.

P31.25 Specifications:
Parameter Value
LED Type SMD3528
Pitch(mm) 31.25
Film Size(L×W×H)/(mm) 500*500*1.3mm/500*700*1.3mm
Pixel Per Film 16*16/16*22
Material Anti UV PET+AL
Weight(㎏/㎡) 3
Brightness(nits) 2000  (Max 4000)
Transparency >95%
Weathering Resistance 55℃,28W UV Lamp,1000H,Anti-yellowing
Color Temperature(K) 6500
Viewing Angle(H/V)(°) 140/140
Driving Type Static
Operating Voltage(V) AC220~DC12
Power Consumption(Max./Avg)(W/m²) 300/100
Storage Temperature(℃) ﹣40~﹢85 
Operating Temperature(℃) ﹣20~﹢60 
Storage Humidity(RH) 10﹪~90﹪ 
Operating Humidity(RH) 10﹪~90﹪ 
IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP43
LED Lifetime(H) 100000
Installation Type OCA Pasting
Maintenance Rear
Max loading numbers of single cable 10 PCS
Certificate CCC/CE
1.Power consumption tolerance:±10%, according to the actual situation.
2.This specification is for reference only and no other contract is made. We reserve the right to improve this information and products without prior notice.

Transparent LED Panel video demonstrate:

Installation demo video:

Demo Video Show:

Transparent Film Screen Application Demostrate:

Landrover 4S store window screen:

LV Building Wall:

Transparent attachable film screen for sightseeing elevator:

Transparent film sticker for magic stage background:
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